Kit Seaton is a cartoonist and illustrator specializing in graphic stories and comics. Kit has additional experience as a theatrical costume designer, director, and children's book illustrator. She has an MFA in Illustration from The Hartford Art School Limited Residency Program, and studied under Murray Tinkelman. She has been an adjunct professor in Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design 2010-2013, Professor in the Sequential Art department at Savannah College of Art and Design 2013.-2017, and is beginning her first year as an Assistant Professor of Art in the Illustration Program at CSU Fullerton.

Published Works
Nine Dragons: A Contemporary Fable,  Tuttle Publishing 2003

 The Forgetting Tree (Adventure Time Comics #9, BOOM! - KABOOM!, March 15th, 2017

AFAR, Image Comics, March 19th, 2017

Kit has contributed graphic stories to digital promotion campaigns; A Calendar of Tales with Niel Gaiman and Blackberry's Keep Moving Campaign, and #MyHandmaidsTale stories for Handmaids on Hulu social media campaign for the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale. She is co-creator on a series of webcomics: Eve of All Saints and Otto the Odd and the Dragon King with author George Herman, Kit is currently working with her sister Cat Seaton. They established a comics collaborative called Kit & Cat Comics in 2015. Their current collaboration is The Black Bull of Norroway, an comic adaptation of a Scottish fairy tale. 
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