This assignment was to create a graphic story inspired by Hulu's series The Handmaid's Tale, and incorporate any themes, memories, or impressions relevant to the show. It was a part of the #MyHandmaid'sTale series of graphic stories drawn by independent female comics creators. My story was  based on Episode 02: "Birth Day", in which the principle character Offred recalls the birth of her daughter, Hannah. The quiet tension of those scenes reminded me of the night my sister Cat was born, and the sense of responsibility I carried as an older child when she was new, small, and fragile. Cat is also the other half of my creative brain, and I know that creators such as ourselves would be quickly snuffed out or silenced according to the rules of Offred's world, Gilead. The turbulent dynamics of family and childhood are distorted and perverted in Gilead, but she is determined to survive for the love of her child, and the potential that Hannah may still be alive. I thought at the time that I was creating this, that if I were to try to survive an oppressive dystopia like Gilead, it would be these soft memories of the people I love that I would want to fight to keep alive too. #MAIDEZ.
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